Top 7 Badges that are Hard to Earn in Apex Legends

09/12/2023 By Lisa Goins

Top 7 Badges that are Hard to Earn in Apex Legends

People love to attain things that show how skillful and hardworking they are. Some people love to collect coins to show off while some people love to make artsy things to satisfy themselves. All in all, people love things that are attached to their hearts and that’s why they put their precious time into acquiring this thing that pleasures them and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s an excellent self-esteem booster! Just like in competitive games, players like to buy or earn certain cosmetics that show on their account and in their profile. These cosmetics can consist of trophies, badges, or esports player’s signed skins.

Attaining these accolades also has the same reasons because other players in the games will know that the player who has a signed skin or a certain event trophy has a good track record and is a good player. So in Apex Legends, there are badges that you can earn to showcase them on your banner to illustrate them in the arena and in the pre-match sequence. These badges have certain criteria some of them are legends some of them are only awarded to professional players or the developers of the game itself and some of the badges are only for specific amounts of time like the Year 1 Anniversary I badge that you could’ve only unlocked by Playing the game within the first year of release.

Apex Legends players do take these badges seriously because some of them are really hard to unlock and in this blog, I’ll list down the 7 of the hardest badges in the whole of Apex Legends but before we do this list is based on the data of the community so if didn’t find your badge here that doesn’t mean that yours is worthless it is just the data defending the list. Now that is out of the way let’s get started:

Legend’s Wrath :

So to unlock this badge you have to deal damage of 4000 in a single which is way harder than you think because a single full hp enemy is around 100 hp base health and on top of that all players have somewhat of evo shield themselves so it’s around 125 to 150 hp so if you do the math it is equivalent to kill or knock down 18 players with full hp and maximum evo shields. And considering that a match only has 60 players in it and on top of that this badge is legend-specific it kind of puts things in perspective of how hard it is to attain the badge.

Team. Work. IV:

This badge can only be unlocked with the help of your squad. To unlock this badge you have to play the match with a pre-made and then in the match, all of your squad members should have

10 kills each in a single match. So if you consider that there are only 60 players in a match you have to kill half of the players on the server to unlock the badge which I don’t have to tell you is near impossible because it is not dependent on a single good player to perform the whole team have to get 10 kills or more. So if 2 of the squad get 10 and the last member gets 9 then you have to do the entire process all over again that is why it is considered one of the hardest to attain in the whole of Apex Legends.

3. You’re Tearing Me Apart Apex Predator:

Unlocking this badge is also hard but the path to unlock this is relatively simple. You have to get the top rank of predator in ranked mode. The reason for this badge being hard to unlock is the percentile of the player base in Predator is around 0.072 which is 720 players in a million. So in order to achieve predator you have to put in thousands of hours in the game and have to play with likeminded people with the same skill set to achieve this mammoth of a badge.

4. 20 kill badge or Legend’s Wake:

Getting 5 kills in ranked mode is considered a really good match if you somehow can get 10 kills it is the best match of the month for you but getting 20 kills is literally insane because there are 60 players in the game, and you have to kill 20 of them to unlock the “20 kill badge” or Legend’s Wake” which is kind of a miracle in itself.

5. No witnesses:

Another squad effort badge is on the list. To unlock the “No Witnesses’ ‘ you and your squad have to kill 15 players in a single match without any of the knocked down enemies getting revived or restrictions. Getting 15 kills with a premade squad is not that hard but the thing here is if one of the enemies gets a revival your whole squad’s hard work will go in vain.

Apex Badge Boosting:

So if you are serious about unlocking these badges and cannot do it yourself then you can hire someone to play at your account on your behalf to  Boost your apex badge. This way you’ll get these badges easily by paying someone who is a highly skilled apex legends player. Because of this badge are really hard to acquire so by going this route, you’ll get them easily.

6. Triple Triple Badge:

To unlock this badge the procedure is pretty simple on the ears. So you have to kill 3 squads in a single match sounds easy enough? But the catch here is you have to kill the same 3 squad members so getting 9 kills does not matter here you have to wipe out 3 squads by yourself to embrace this badge.

7. Headshot Hotshot:

One of the most skillful badges on the list. So here it is of how to unlock the badge you have to eliminate 5 players with a headshot. Now you might be thinking that this is not that hard as compared to other badges on the list. So the twist here is you have to eliminate 5 enemies with a headshot you can’t body shoot them to knock and then kill them with a headshot you have to have to shoot them in the head to eliminate them to unlock the badge.


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